Repetitive Trauma Injuries - Accidents on the Job

Connecticut’s workers’ compensation system is intended to help people injured in any way on the job, regardless of fault. At the New Milford law firm of Guendelsberger Law Offices, LLP, our lawyers have been helping people with workers’ compensation claims since 1983. Because of our years of experience, our lawyers know the most effective way to seek results for our clients. If you have been injured on the job or have filed a workers’ compensation claim that was denied, contact a member of our legal team.

Repetitive stress injuries

In our years handling these types of cases, we have seen an increase in claims for injuries caused by repetitive motion. Such injuries can be caused by any type of repetitive movement, including:

  • Scanning groceries in a supermarket checkout lane
  • Operating food processing appliances
  • Turning the neck while driving a forklift
  • Moving goods along an assembly line
  • Typing
  • Performing data entry
  • Being required to move or lift repeatedly while in an awkward position

These and other repetitive job activities can result in carpal tunnel syndrome as well as neck, shoulder and back injuries. Our attorneys make sure you obtain care from an independent doctor as allowed by law. We also make sure you receive all mandated compensation, including payment for mileage for trips to the doctor and for prescription drug expenses. If your injuries make it impossible for you to work at all or impossible to work at your former occupation, we fight to get you the disability benefits the law provides.

Injuries caused by accidents

Our law firm also handles claims for one-time injuries. Our lawyers have helped people file claims for injuries caused by accidents such as:

  • Lifting a soda machine
  • Lifting a ladder
  • Being cut by a backhoe bucket
  • Being involved in an auto accident while on company business
  • Suffering an accident on a construction site, including electrocution and falling

Our clients in both repetitive stress injury claims and in single incident claims reflect the diversity of the region’s workforce, and include data entry clerks, typists, grocery store clerks, factory workers and construction workers. The law requires almost all employers to provide workers’ compensation insurance.

If you have suffered any type of injury on the job, whether a repetitive stress condition or an injury resulting from an accident, contact lawyers with experience and determination. Learn about your rights under the workers' compensation law.