A dog bite can be traumatic. In addition to the emotional cost of being bitten by an animal you thought was a friendly pet, the monetary cost can be considerable. Dog bite victims often require plastic or reconstructive surgery. If there is nerve damage, the injured person may be fully or partially disabled and unable to work at his or her previous occupation.

Helping dog bite victims since 1983

At the New Milford, Connecticut, law firm of Guendelsberger Law Offices, LLP, our lawyers have been handling dog bite cases for many years. We have earned a reputation for obtaining results for clients who have been attacked by a dog. If you have been attacked by any type of dog, contact a member of our legal team to learn how we can help.

Our cases have included:

  • People bitten in the face
  • An artist unable to paint after a dog bite caused a wrist injury
  • A victim whose ear was bitten off
  • Children mauled by a dog
  • People bitten on the arms or legs

Connecticut is a strict liability state regarding dog bites. This means that a dog owner is usually responsible for damage caused by his or her pet. There is no "free bite" as there may be in some other jurisdictions.

Seek medical attention, then consult with a lawyer

Even if the bite seems minor, it is critical to obtain medical treatment immediately. It is also very important to identify the owner of the dog. In addition to learning about the owner’s insurance coverage, victims of dog bites need to learn whether the animal's shots were up-to-date.

If you or your child suffered a dog bite or other animal injury, contact the New Milford lawyers at Guendelsberger Law Offices, LLP. We offer a free initial consultation and charge you an attorney fee only when we obtain compensation for you.